Band Slewing Bearing

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Manufacturers of road rollers and compactors aim for high-speed, high-quality compacting, which requires high vibration.

By meeting these specific demands, slewing bearings provide reliable, highly productive and cost-effective solutions for the drum support and steering pivot.

Due to the integrated heavy-duty hub seal, the bearing remains unaffected by the hot asphalt environment and is protected against water intrusion.

For drum support applications, slewing bearings enable a very compact solution that eases the road roller configuration to extend its working width.


Single-Row Four Point Contact Ball Slewing Bearing External Gear 9e-1b22-0422-0923-D01

69,8 kN 24
70 mm 6100 r/min

Slewing Bearings Rings with Internal Gear 232.21.1075.013

0.043 AST
548,499 7.5000

Slewing Bearing Ring with External Gear 231.21.0575.013

NSK 90
17 mm 90 mm

Wind Turbine Slewing Bearing Slew Ring Bearing for Good Sale

Rp1/8 91 mm
20 INA

Industrial Robot Speed Reducers Crossed Roller Bearing Rb30035

-40 °C 26,909 mm
44.45x111.125x30.162 NTN

Four-Point Contact Ball Slewing Bearing 9o-1b20-0342-0793

84.138 mm FYRP 4 15/16
109,538 125.412 mm

Double-Row Four Point Angular Contact Slewing Ball Bearing External Gear

Ball Bearing 0,3 mm
31171504 37000 r/min

Wind Turbine Slewing Bearing Slew Ring Bearing for Good Sale

N/A 0.01
0085706030438 B04334

Single-Row Crossed Roller Slewing Bearing Non-Gear 9o-1z30-0461-0278

B00308 8482.10.50.68
Ball Single Row Ball Bear

Single-Row Crossed Roller Slewing Bearing External Gear 9e-1z10-0152-0524

B00308 0.0

Four-Point Non-Gear Single-Row Contact Ball Slewing Bearing 90-1b13-0220-0318

B04311 Bearings
0.0 NTN

Four Point Contact Slewing Bearings with External Gear Teeth

B04144 N/A
37.2 0.0