Truck Crane Slewing Bearing

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Slewing Bearing CatalogueSlewing bearings are one of our specialty bearings. The main applications for our slewing bearings are in: - Cranes (mobile cranes, pillar cranes etc.) - Slewing Ring bearing, Functions Bearing Fastening Slewingto design and dimension the "BEARING" function of the slewing ring i.e. : movement type, speed,  Mobile fixed boom crane, 1, 1,5. Mobile grappe crane, 1, 1,80
Slewing bearing crane - Rack and pinion crane - Effer TruckCONTINUOUS ROTATION. Turning endlessly. Effer slewing ring system allows the crane to rotate continuously. For the transport of oil and electrical signal from Designs of slewing bearings - LiebherrSingle-row four-point bearings are used, for example, for the slewing of excavators, the boom movement of tower cranes and as drive elements for large rope Double Row Ball Slewing Bearing - wanda slewing bearingDouble row different ball slewing bearing ring's axial and radial size are relatively large and solid in structure, so it is usually used in diameter tower cranes, truck